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Depuratives Benefits

Toxin Decontamination
Activation of the body’s natural cleansing, eliminating unwanted, for detoxing and purification.
(Increased urine with a softer stool – Skin and complexion radiance)

Unobstructed Access
Bypass of the body’s defense system for unimpeded full body access.
(Full penetration, negating side effects, producing undeniable results)

Depuratives decontaminate toxins without side effects, while placing the body in unobstructed receivership, bypassing the body’s natural defense system for undeniable healthy, happy, harmony!

Toxin Decontamination

Decontamination and Purification
Depuratives are nature’s way of decontaminating and purifying the body, every removed toxin reduces the demand on the body’s natural defense system for undeniable healthy, happy, harmony!

The best news is full raw natural energy is restored automatically, once the body’s natural defense responsibility of dealing with toxins is eliminated!

Unobstructed Access

The human body has an amazing self defense system built in, instinctively our body will defend itself against all outside influences.

Our body’s defense system challenges everything attempting to access the body automatically, including vitamins, medicines, and supplements.

Treatment effectiveness is greatly reduced or rejected without bypassing the body’s self defense system for full unobstructed access.

Currently today only two ways exists to bypass the body’s self defense system:
1. DEPURATIVES nature’s way of enabling unobstructed access without the side effects.
2. POISONS the medical community being aware of this accessibility challenge, in an attempt to reduce rejection of chemicals being introduced to the patient, overwhelms their patient’s natural defense with poisons for full unobstructed access. Chemotherapy is the most common poison utilized by the medical community. The poisons breakdown/debilitate the body’s defense to permit the outside substance being introduced full penetration. The down side of using poisons is the side effects and recovery time from the body being poisoned.

Poisons used by Medical Community

The body’s natural defense system is amazing and resilient, unless overwhelmed with poison, the medical treatment being introduced to the patient has a high probability of rejection, denied access.

Below is a current example of the medical community using chemotherapy to poison their patient, disabling the patient’s natural defense for unrestricted access  to allow a neutered version of HIV with stem cells to mutate her genes in the hopes of curing her Sickle cell anemia.


She decided to cut off all her hair, rather than watch it fall out from the massive dose of chemotherapy needed to suppress her immune system so her body wouldn’t reject the altered stem cells.

Jennelle Stephenson: I don’t know how to feel right now. I’m a little emotional. But I’m OK, it will grow back.

A few days after the chemotherapy, Jennelle received the infusion of genetically modified cells.

But the wait was a painful one. Not only for Jennelle, but also for her father Ray. Who did what little he could as the effects of the chemotherapy kicked in, stripping Jennelle’s throat and stomach of their protective layers.

Jennelle Stephenson: Oh, that hurts.

She was unable to speak for a week and lost 15 pounds. And because having a severely weakened immune system means even a mild cold can turn deadly, Jennelle had to stay in the hospital for nearly a month.

Depuratives provide unobstructed access to the human body without side effects for immediate undeniable results!

No medical professionals or medical services available. No medical claims whatsoever, not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, cure, treatment, or mitigation of any disease or illness. If you have a problem with your health, consult a licensed healthcare professional elsewhere.

Depuratives for Healthy, Happy, Harmony!