100% Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive design allow clients and users to automatically change to fit the device you are using on it. This application is responsive at all gadgets, mobile devices, desktop or laptop screens. Typically there have been four general screen sizes that responsive designs has been aimed at; wide screen, small screens desktop or monitor.

More Exciting Features

1- Appointment Feature

2- First Time Ever With I beacons Technology Integration

3- Custom page builder option (fully featured page)

4- In Compliance With General Data Protection Regulation

5- Three payment gateways – Paypal – Stripe – Authorize.net

6- 3 SMS Gateways Enabled * Twilio * Plivo * Nexmo * Signalwire

7- 1600 Character Length has been added

8- Now Available With Caller Sender ID Feature

9- Email Customization is also added in settings for new application users email

10- Admin and users can now schedule campaigns and can send messages via facebook and twitter app

11- Now banned words will now be automatically replaced with * in sms text

12- Subscribers lookup feature has been added. Merge tag for subscribers name has been added in bulk sms

13- Now Users Can Change Sidebar Color Of The Application

14- Application settings are now categorized in separate tabs

15- Real Time Two way chat feature is launched

16- Bulk sms feature has been updated for fast sms sending.

17- Please find new cron job url under settings tab.

18- Signalwire, Twilio, plivo and nexmo are integrated with new features.

– Subscriber will have to answer of some questions in this campaign

– Welcome message and first question will be sent when someone will send trivia keyword.

– If subscriber’s answer is correct, correct answer message will be sent to subscriber, wrong answer message will sent otherwise.

– Subscriber will receive next question right after he replied already received question.

– At the end subscriber will receive Complete trivia message.


– Subscriber have to refer more subscribers behalf of his unique code received by sending viral campaign keyword to achieve winning number.

– Welcome message and unique code message will be sent when someone will send viral keyword.

– Subscriber will share his unique code with his friends and ask to send this code on a specific number attached with viral campaign.

– Every time when someone will subscribe using his given code, the code owner will receive a notification message reflecting his remaining number to win.

– When subscriber achieve wining number, he will receive winner sms from the campaign.


– For contestants subscribers try to meet wining number of the campaign to get reward.

– When someone will send contest keyword, if he is the subscriber that meet with campaign wining number then he will receive winner sms, looser sms otherwise.