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Did you know that texting may replace email in the near future?

It’s True: people today own more cell phones than desktops and laptops.

Although we still use email quite a lot, there has been a BIG explosion of small businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs using texting.

According To One Of The Most Popular & Most Trusted Entreprenuer Magazine SMS has 98% Open Rates, 90% People Read It Within 3 Seconds!

SMS (Short Message Service) Is More Popular Today:

Over the last 7 years, smartphones have become 1,024 times faster. This has been a truly remarkable development. Somehow, it happened right under our noses, because marketers are only now starting to adapt to these changes.

People are spending more time scrolling through their phones and less time in front of their computer.

Now a days World’s biggest companies rely on SMS. They continue to enjoy better returns on investment in SMS texting than any other communications technologies for every single use case.

These companies use SMS for sending notifications, marketing messages, on-boarding, transactions and others.

Look at These SMS Campaigns Results From Major Companies…

Why You Need to Do SMS Marketing Today?

95% of people today own a cellphone. That’s nearly everyone. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the vast majority of people can (and do) send and receive SMS text messages daily.

And that’s exactly what you need to be doing. Because unlike email, SMS has a ridiculously high open rate & response rate (under 3 minutes). When people get a text message, they check it right away.

Why SMS Marketing Is Better? Check Some Key Points Below…

— Email gets ignored while SMS gets instant attention

— The amount of profits to be made from SMS text messages is ridiculous.

— Even if you send emails to your paying customers, they can still be sent to spam.

— If you running any other kind of promotions such as pop up ads, media buying, banner ads they are all blocked by browsers.

This is hurting your business, because it prevents you from reaching many of your customers.

Today, People Use Text Messages For…

So, what people REALLY want, is text messages.

WHY? – It’s instant – It’s personal – It demands attention.

Those 3 things apply to email as well, HOWEVER… because of the smart phone revolution, email demands a lot less attention. And that is the real reason why open rates have declined so much.

And no one wants to admit this, because they don’t have a solution for this.

The solution: SMSBOT

*** So by keeping all these things in mind the leading marketer and my good friend Gaurab Borah has come up with a complete solution through their latest inclusion called “SMSBOT”.

It helps you harness the power of mobile marketing. Since people are using their phones more than their own computer, it’s extremely important to use a professional unit as fast as possible. What you want to do is to harness the power of a tool like Smsbot, which is extremely reliable, dependable and very easy to use.