Fresh Start
Harmony of Self

We are investing in ourselves!

Depuratives clearing the way, leaving the body in energy receivership.

DNA Entanglement delivering high level arts energy directly to almost every cell in the body.

SoulProgression Radio for energy blocks arousal expediting removal.

We are basically a kinked water hose.

When the kink is removed, we move like a unkinked water hose.

Could see flashes, colors, light, shaking, and some experiences your brain is unable to translate into words.

As energy blocks release, we acknowledge and let go,
continuing ready for the next release.

Tight muscles are to compensate for the load out of posture.

Every hard spot in the body is an energy block.

Our goal is to remove all hard spots while our posture improves.

Highest energy flow is achieved when we are perfectly aligned with our electro magnetic field aka perfect posture.

Harmony of Mind

The secret to soulprogression is…

distraction avoidance as we let go and …

allow our own intuitively obvious path guide us!

Ownership for SoulProgression

Our environment made us unique.

We all have a different starting point.

What we don’t deal with deals with us.

Be strong, don’t make up stories, labels are self surrender.

We all have what we tolerate.

Anything and everything is possible.

All limitations in life are self created.

You do it or you don’t!

“So beautiful words cannot define, boundaries expanded beliefs redefined, as your senses awake so does your mind!” ©
-`ღ´- DAVID GEORGE -`ღ´-

Fresh Start Healthy, Happy, Harmony.